1. Enter your Azure AD B2C directory name.
  2. You will be asked to sign in. Make sure to sign in with an Azure AD Work Or School account residing in the directory with Global Admin rights to the B2C tenant.
    It will not work with Microsoft Personal accounts.
  3. You will be asked to consent to a number of permissions needed to create applications, service principals and security keys in your tenant. You will need to consent for the app to complete the setup.


  1. Remove Facebook references - Removes the Facebook references from the deployment process when selected. Doing so, will provision the SocialAndLocalAccountsWithMFA starter pack with the User Journeys from the LocalAccount starter pack.
  2. Deploy Phone SignIn Journeys - Deploys the Phone Sign In/Up passwordless journeys in addition to the LocalAndSocialWithMFA starter pack.
  3. Enable JavaScript - Enables the custom policies to support JavaScript execution on your custom HTML pages.

Begin setup: